J Fish Collection®

The Companion Group’s history of commitment to creativity and community-based projects inspired our partnership with Jennifer Fisher, a San Francisco Bay Area artist whose style marries the traditions of hand-formed pottery with the practicality of industrial design.

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This unique partnership utilizes The Companion Group’s 34 years of housewares manufacturing expertise to bring the designs of a local artist to the global marketplace at an affordable price.

We’re excited to introduce the resulting JFish Collection, a line of contemporary home decor that brings a fresh sensibility to timeless functional pieces.

Meet Jennifer Fisher

As an artist trained in ergonomics and industrial design, Jennifer Fisher has a unique perspective that is reflected in her work. She strives to combine style and beauty with comfort and accessibility, designing products that both look good and feel good.

“I focus on enhancing the experiences of the people interacting with

these pieces. The JFish Collection includes bowls that you can wrap your hands around, containers that can be arranged in various shapes to form a cohesive whole, and vases with sweeping curves that complement one another.”

—Jennifer Fisher