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Charcoal Companion®, our line of superior barbecue tools and grilling accessories, are designed to meet every outdoor and indoor grilling need. For over 30 years we have given customers the tools they need to be confident at the grill. Whether it is something as essential as tongs for a backyard BBQ or a new way to cook pizza on the grill, we have the products that every griller desires.

If we don’t have it – you probably don’t need it.”

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Detailed descriptions of the Charcoal Companion line of superior barbecue tools, baskets, grids, thermometers & specialty grilling accessories to meet every outdoor cooking need.

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When it comes to barbecue, every griller benefits from a diverse tool set. More and more often, consumers are looking to add tools to their arsenal that help them create fresh, interesting, and exciting new foods on the grill. Not only does Charcoal Companion® bring the most revolutionary barbecue accessories to market, we align with, and help set, trends in the world of barbecue. At Charcoal Companion® we're proud to showcase our time-tested barbecue tools and accessories, new breakthrough products, and unmatched trend research that will change the way you think about barbecue.

This year, we’re thrilled about our revamped PizzaQue® line, which now features everything grillers need to get an authentic, wood-fired pizza fresh off the grill.

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